Criminal Law

Donald J. White represents clients on all types of criminal charges, including, drug charges, break and enter, driving impaired, robbery, kidnapping, extortion, aggravated assault, assault cause bodily harm, assault with a weapon, assault, participating in a riot, mischief, sexual assault, fraud, theft, and firearms offences.

In most cases, Crown Counsel must prove the essential elements of the offence beyond a reasonable doubt. This is not an easy burden for Crown Counsel to meet. You need a skilled criminal lawyer to prepare an overall strategy that will allow for effective advocacy and minimal harm to your interests.


You also need a lawyer who is willing to work to the best of their ability on your behalf. Research, preparation, oral advocacy, and the skill and knowledge to think analytically and quickly are a must. Don White possesses these skills.

A criminal record is an albatross. It can ruin a person's future prospects. It can lose a job. It can interfere with travel. It can damage a reputation and shock family members. A criminal charge is also daunting. Going to court, hiring a lawyer, waiting to find out what will happen, abiding by court orders, losing contact with loved ones. As a criminal lawyer, you see all these effects on people.


Donald J. White talks to his clients on a regular basis, gives them his cell phone number so he can be easily contacted, and puts himself in his clients' shoes. He defends his clients like he would want his own family members represented.

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